The Nut in Nutbrie

Because Nuts & Bries go great together, we have a fully-hosted, feature-rich, smooth-solution for your scenario.



€350 per month
  • Hosting in the cloud
  • Custom domain with SSL
  • Continuous improvements & features
  • Customize the look and feel of your site
  • Up to 1000 visits a day


€650 per month
  • Everything in the Kickstart plan
  • Priority for new feature requests
  • Implement your own style guide with patternlab
  • Social media analytics and reports
  • Tailored content strategy and branding consultancy for your company (4 hours/month)
  • Up to 50,000 visits a day

The Full Monty

ASK for a quote
  • Includes Kickstart and Enterprise plans
  • Tailor-made features just for your company
  • Access to the source code
  • Tailored strategy & branding consultancy
  • Unlimited visits

The Brie In Nutbrie

What's your type? Spice your Features up with our Social Media Friendly Kits.


Social Butterfly

€520 per month
  • Social Media Management (up to 4 social networks)
  • Social Brand Identity Setup & Updates
  • Social Media Optimization
  • Community Management & Engagement
  • Brand Monitoring
  • Performance Reports (Monthly)
  • Weekly Social Branding Consultancy & Support (via e-mail)

Social Savvy

€890 per month
  • Yearly Social Branding Plan + Strategies Revisions (every 6 monts)
  • Social Media Management (up to 6 networks)
  • Social Brand Identity Setup & Updates
  • Social Media Optimization
  • Boosted/sponsored posts on Facebook
  • Monthly follower/fans campaign on Facebook & Twitter
  • Community Management & Engagement
  • Brand Monitoring
  • Performance Reports (Monthly)
  • Weekly Social Branding Consultancy & SUpport (via e-mail)

The Whys and Wherefores

Because since the 90’s, technology has been evolving in a supersonic kind of way and it will continue to do so, even faster. With mobile devices having a lifespan of scarcely one to two years, we need to keep the website realm evolving at the same pace so you can offer the best experience to your users.

So “fixed” is basically… out of the equation.

There are too many options out there for creating your website, and some of them don’t get the word out. Drupal Does.

Content, commerce, and community focused, Drupal is the most flexible and scalable option for keeping your website fresh, up-to-date and totally dynamic.

We believe a big chunk of any corporate website is the exact same as any other website built for this purpose. But as always, the devil is in the details: Drupal allows you to focus on those details while not spending time and money on the inevitables. 

And we have your back.

Yes, we all like to have friends. And now we all enjoy having followers. Don’t we?

Seizing the opportunity being offered by social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, Pinterest, to name a few (and the most popular), brands can benefit from great exposure and awareness into the very fast communicative world, where there is room for everything and everyone.

And there is no better way to show off your awesome Drupal website – and your products, services and company values – than by sending invitations all across the social media territory.

Behind The SaaS

Showcasing a brand online can be a challenge yet in the digital world, there is a spot for every one of us. That's why we partnered up to make things super easy for you from the starting stages to the full monty deployment.
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Teun Van Veggel


Drupal specialist with 7+ years of experience building websites & web applications.


Virginia Zuloaga


Social Media Specialist for Corporate & Industrial B2B brands.

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